I am passionate about Montreal. I’m also passionate about university students. Montreal boosts a massive student demographic. I work to serve the campus in any way that can help.

I am one of the pastors of the downtown Montreal location of Church 21. We are one church many locations so far we have a Église 21 Centreville, Church 21 West Island, Église 21 West Island, Église 21 Magog, Église 21 Sherebrooke. We are committed to the province and people of Quebec.

I have served in ministry in the capacity of youth pastor, church planter intern, interim pastor for over 10 years now.

I have been married for 9 years to Jeannie Ritz, and have two kids Annabelle, and Levi. They are truly a joy and a blessing and are a big part of our ministry downtown.

We live one block from the Bell Centre, and so it gets pretty exciting when the Habs do well.

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