New Look, New Season

There is nothing I love more then a good cup of coffee to start off the day. My favourite is when I actually get around to put the coffee pot on the timer and wake up to the smell. To me, it represents a new morning, a new start, a nice pause before the day begins (depending on if I get up well before the kids…).

I have not been good at keeping this website updated, this is something that I’m going to work on rectifying. I hope to use this website to keep supporters updated, share some thoughts that occur to me, maybe some creative writing stuff, some papers that I have written for Leaders: or otherwise.

I will do my best to update this weekly. So far I have till at least Christmas! Which means, I have to be faithful in writing. I hope you will enjoy it, be encouraged, and sign up for our newsletter to keep updated with all that is going on here in Montreal!